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Lotty Merry has had over 40 years experience with horses, firstly competing in several different spheres, mainly at local level.

In 1988 she trained with Sue Featherstone in Hertfordshire and competed ABRS grooms certificate. 

In 1989 she worked at a large livery yard, Staggs End Equestrian near St Albans in Herts.

After a back problem Lotty had to stop working directly with horses and enjoyed owning a TB gelding, Sevan, with whom she competed. Mainly doing Hunter Trials, ODE and some show jumping.

After a change in circumstances in 2002, Lotty took her HGV test, and then began training in The Bowen Technique in 2003 with the  ECBS (European College of Bowen Studies), becoming qualified to treat humans in 2004. She also completed the  ITEC Anatomy & Physiology plus Massage diploma 2004.

With her initial passion always being horses, Lotty then trained to treat horses and qualified in 2005. She now runs a very busy practice both from home and mobile around Somerset and surrounding counties.

Lotty met Adrian in 2005 after attending a Biomechanics course in California USA (airports have a lot to answer for), and in September 2006 they moved into Rose Farm, Catcott.

Lotty completed a 5 day equine dissection course with Dr Deb Bennett in the USA 2007, and following that, she has been given a skeleton of her own.

2008 was our breeding year - in May, Minnie and Milly gave birth to the foals, Chaos and Fiasco and they have been full of mischief, keeping life interesting, now at a year old they are starting the exciting things like bandaging, travel etc. 
Also in May 2008, Lotty purchased another youngster, TC, from the local sales, TC is a Polish Warmblood coloured mare to bring on.

2008 also saw the start of the Equine Bowen courses and later that year we began a series of Equine Stretch Days and added the 3 day Laser course.

2010 the roof came off the house in Sept and was finished on the outside just before Christmas.  A way to go inside, but one day we'll be straight again.

2011 Chaos and Fiasco are nearly 3 so off to boot camp (Burcott Riding Center) they went, and came back able to start, stop, turn and hack a short way.  Now turned away till next year.
TC has also started having more adventures including XC, SJ and some dressage - looks to have a lovely pop, and will make a great PC eventing pony.

2012 Chaos has been out to a local dressage show, just for experience and took everything in her stride, mirrors, indoors, boards all good. 
Fiasco has been schooling and jumping small fences, now ready to go on and do more - now ready for sale.
TC has schooled round Pontispool over the 80 and 90 course, fun little horse with lots of power, loves the water and getting very bold now - for sale this summer.

2014 I bought a lovely 3 year old Lusitano called Gualter (aka Baby Gee).  He is very special and it will be fun seeing how he grows up.

2015 TC has been doing BS all winter and now has 4 DC BN, and 2 Disco.  Chaos is very well though has suffered a splint in April when I think she bashed herself.
Baby Gee has had 6 weeks at Burcott doing big school and has then had 3 months off due to growing, now on the way back to getting fit and strong.  Neo is retired still and is babysitting.

2016 The house was finally rendered and painted, and Chaos has begun doing BS, as has GBG.  Sadly TC had to cross Rainbow Bridge at Christmas as she had degenerative suspensories in both her hind legs.

2017 We welcomed a new Lusitano, Campino from Portugal, and after a trip to the vets (now less a large pair of plums), he is allowed out in the field to enjoy some horse time with GBG.  Campino has also begun jumping and loves it!!  I also took the hard decision to take a break from Teaching the Equine Bowen and Laser, and to close as a livery yard, sometimes there are just too many things going on.  We will however, continue to take horses for holiday cover and rehab.

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