A 2 year old TB, who removed the skin from the front of her knee whilst pawing the ground.
This was a tricky wound as the mare needed to lie down and the wound was about 3" x 4" x 1/4" deep initially.
She received Laser every day for about 2 weeks, then 4 x a week for 2 weeks.
Treatment was completed at 30 days as it was deemed healed enough for the horse to begin walk work and go back into training.
Photos show
Day 1 of Laser to the right
Day 18 with new skin and hair below left
3 months later, back in full training below right
Racehorse who did the splits over a birch fence.
Deep chest wound which was stitched by the vet and referred for Laser.
Photos show
Day 1 the wound has been stitched and not swollen yet, right.
Day 9 the stitches have come away and there is alot of swelling and fluid, but it isn't infected, below left.
Day 18 the wound has healed with no white hair, below right.

Horse went back to competing.
A youngster with a 3 week old field injury with a secondary infection. A flap of skin had been removed by the vet who then referred for Laser.
This was an angry wound standing proud of the fore leg by about 5mm.
Day 1 of Laser, the wound is very red and angry, making it extremely sore, right.
Day 4 the redness is receding, and there is new tissue beginning around the edges, below left.
Day 21 H is ready to go home, the wound is now manageable in his home environment, below right.

Nasty trailer accident resulted in her Left leg going through the trailer floor, whilst her Right leg sustained injury from the rubber skirt of the partition.
Day 1 of laser the extent of the damage really doesn't show here, right.
Day 10 of laser, lots of changes and the tissue is beginning to recover and repair, below left.
1 Month of Laser and the flap has come away on the LH to expose the extensor tendon, below right.
Both pics below L&R are almost 2 months of Laser, when she went home to continue recovery, tissue filled in, healing well now.

The beautiful Beau, who had sustained a very deep and nasty field injury. 
The vet had repaired the wound as best he could and 2 weeks later Beau was able to travel to Somerset for Laser Therapy.
Day 1 of injury, right and below left.

This was a few days after injury

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