Rose Farm College of Equine Studies
Safe, Effective Healing Therapy
For Horses and Their Riders


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Facilities include;

•  20m x 40m, sand and rubber mιnage

• Individual turnout paddocks (or shared)

• Heat lamps

• Wash down area

• Relaxed, friendly atmosphere

• Examination room

• Regular vet visits

• Horse Walker with a sand base perfect for Barefoot Rehab

• Hot Horse Shower

• Sand Rolling Pen

• Therapist living on site

• Specialise in Barefoot horses and transitioning to Barefoot

• Sauna Therapy

•  Laser Therapy

•  Equine and Human Bowen Therapy - treating horse and rider
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"I think the facilities and ponies are excellent, a very good balance between theory & practical.  Lotty is a generous & enthusiastic teacher with a huge depth of experience.  The 'guest' speakers are equally well chosen, and I feel I have learned a great deal in a short period of time.  All those who have given us training have been exceedingly generous & kind with their time& knowledge, looking forward to the first set of case studies." Deborah Norris - March 2013

  "Really loved the way Lotty teaches, very inspiring & good attention to detail.  Would not change anything.  Informative and totally inspiring.  I totally look at a horse in a completely different way.  The course itself gave us the confidence to go out alone and treat.  I cannot wait to qualify and start treating horses full-time. Very excited!! Thanks Lotty :)"   Tiz Coombs - March 2014

Horses taken for short or long term rest and rehabilitation and Holiday livery.
We pride ourselves on having a yard which is big enough to have all the facilities your horse needs, but small enough to ensure their every need is taken care of.